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Fly Ashtray “We Buy Everything You Have” 12-inch $15

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Fly Ashtray is one of the best and most unappreciated bands to emerge from the New York City lo-fi scene of the 1990s. This album is a triumphant return to form, and you will need more than one copy because you will wear this mother out!

Insiders will remember their trademark catchy hooks and surreal song titles. Their 1991 landmark debut “Clumps Take a Ride” is listed in the 2014 book Gimme Indie Rock, music journalist Andrew Earles’ choice of 500 essential indie-rock albums. But you don’t have to have been in college back then to appreciate Fly Ashtray.

“We Buy Everything You Have” recalls Polvo, Sebadoh, and their great earlier work, but is as fresh and engaging as anything out there on the rock and roll landscape. An inventive arrangement and flow reveal good songs delivered with devastating ease; hooks and lyrics so simple yet compelling that you have to check the cover at the end to be sure this isn’t already one of your favorite albums.

Fly Ashtray has recorded for Shimmy Disc, Marble Moat, Dark Beloved Cloud, See Eye, Hemiola (UK), Vital Music, and Korper Leib. pHoaming Edison, Spoog, Gimme 5, Uncle Wiggly, The Electronic Eggplant, Squinchy and Autobody are close relations.

They were a direct inspiration to us when we started in 94, and Old Gold is proud to come full circle on this one.