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Earzumba & Jib Kidder Split 12″ w/ DVD 2010 $15

Posted in 12-inch, DVD

jib kidder earzumba reynols julia holter states rights weird world athsmatic kitty

Jib Kidder (Weird World, Asthmatic Kitty, States Rights) gives a parting tribute to L/A glam-packed with damaged visions and spectacular collisions of funk/soul samples and densely constructed rhythm and country punk guitar solos. Earzumba (formerly CD Lens Cleaner/Reynols) mixes oddball samples and brilliant keyboard drone jazz reflecting a transcontinental gloss with a grungy South American-Afro cosmic twist. Includes a DVD of Jib Kidder video blissage. Rotated on KZSU, KSPC (top 30), The Sound Projector Radio Show, WRSU, and KOOP.

“(JK’s) songs land him somewhere in between musique concrète originator Pierre Schaeffer and cut-and-paste pioneers Double Dee & Steinski.” – Scott Morris, Creative Loafing.

“Like a jazz funk record… wild free rocking bunch of lunatic sounds” Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.

“Each track (on Earzumba’s side) mines a different slice of fractured craziness. (JK’s side is) danceable, groovy and intricately assembled.” – Monk Mink Pink Punk.

“First side plunders pop/soul/funk for a decidedly fun and party feel… I hate throwing about the word “fun” but it really is. Side B is “weirder”, more dark and more along the lines of a weirdo radio show, but still is masterful plunderphonics. Super cool and hip stuff for sure.” – KZSU