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Autobody 7-inch 2001 $5

Posted in 7-inch


“Some have claimed this is the strangest thing we have ever done – recorded on pieces of masking tape, using instruments that only our ionic spheres can recall.” – Autobody’s Dave Abel aka Squinchy (Fly Ashtray/Dymaxion). “Lovely bit of tape collage murk” – Paul Wild, Fisheye.

“Excellent … Instrumental lurk-passages that are lit only by damp phosphorescent rags” – Byron Coley, The Wire.

“The consistent style of dark, deep and somewhat mysterious tones gives cohesion to the organic experimentation.” – Tom Schulte, Outsight.

“Many LAFMS-groups came to my mind listening to this one. This means I would like to hear more music from this band.” – Vital