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Eugene Chadbourne – Jungle Cookies 2xCD with fold out color cover 1998 $20

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Tom Heasley, Luc Houtkamp, Rob Mallard, Rob Parham, Lenny Kaye, Jimmy Carl Black, and others are featured on this vast collage tribute to Amsterdam and key characters in this phase of Eugene’s life. Another psychedelic masterpiece from one of America’s great surrealists.

“Chadbourne is particularly sensitive to sensations of depth created by his sound sources and achieves many a superb jump from vista to close-up… paradoxically, it’s the continual disorientation and surprise of the segues that gives Jungle Cookies coherence and character. The whole two-hour thing has an easy flow to it… programmed by someone wth a keen ear for surprise.” Ben Watson, Honesty is Explosive!

“Fascinating travelogue of vivid metaphor.” Tom Schulte, Outsight. This rotated on WFMU and KRUZ, and made the Downtown Music Gallery’s “Best of” list for 1998.