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Bon Vivants – Soul Action 45 rpm 10-inch w/ poster 2005 $10

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Ben Young, Rob Parham, Tim Genius, and Ben Lawless; recorded on multiple four-tracks by Lawless in Flournoy Holmes’ mansion on Ponce de Leon. In The Wire, Byron Coley called it a “lo-fi hammer of nonironic guitar rock” and compared it to Billy Synth.

“The glee/anger is rivaled today only by Black Lips, who are in their own class. But I dare you to listen to this and not at least once think that they are the best band in the world right now.” – Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis (10/10).

“The Bon Vivants dangle that jangle better than anybody since at least the 1980s (and I don’t mean R.E.M.!). Just beautiful–it should already be at the top of the hiss parade.” – Eddie Flowers, Slippytown/Gizmos.

“I’m sure if this ‘un (and this group) happened to make its way out thirty-two years back they’d be selling like hotcakes thanks to Lester Bangs’ mention in CREEM’s “Rock-A-Rama” while CBGB and Max’s’d be climbing over each other to give ’em precious stage time! It’s that good, and the fact that it all exists in the blandoid present day is only testament to the true greatness which is Bon Vivants!” – Chris Stigliano, Blog to Comm. Rotated on WNYU (top 5), WUNH, WRAS and WREK.