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Le Man Avec Les – ? 12-inch 2007 (A Lucky 13 release) $8

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“A name of French-English origins for a bespectacled gentlemen, LMALL spin spools of audio blankets that seek to cover and connect all points and corners of the world” – Impose Magazine.

“Sounds warm, quiet, sad but also somehow ironic… a mix of twee pop, electronic; bizarre, warm and jazzy… The first Italian band to have performed at the prestigious festival of indiepop Emmaboda (Sweden).” –

“Good, diverse ’60s-derived psychedelic pop, sung in English in a relaxed, Lennon-like style, harmonies and all. It’s all very light and pleasant, with friendly organ, acoustic guitar, and moments of musical whimsy.” – Stomp and Stammer.

Rotated on WUOG. Lucky 13 is a pop subsidiary of Old Gold.