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Witt Mills – Dust Collection Agency CD/Video 2004 $8

Posted in CD, Video


A bright light of Atlanta’s 90’s underground, DeWitt as he sometimes called himself is no longer with us, but this CD remains. Culled from tapes sent to Old Gold from 1994 to 1999, and a final cd sent to Tiger Tiger’s Shane Pringle in 2003, this is a great compilation with a photo of Witt by Chan Marshall that also includes a Quicktime copy of his Brakhage-esque mini-masterpiece “She Makes Me Dizzy And Confused.” Also rotated on WFMU.

“Plenty of goofy fun, understated beauty, and enough stylistic gymnastics to keep things interesting for the album’s fifty-minute duration” – Adam Strohm,

“This is all over the place. You’ll hear lo-fi indie rock, acoustic stuff, tape loops, ambient fuzz noise, improvised sax noodlings, recorded conversations, and more. Plenty of cool stuff to choose from. It’s not all easy listening, but it’s all really interesting. Some is pretty and some is creepy and some is just straight up weird. Highly recommended.” – Katie P., KZSU.