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Earzumba “simulando un refugio” CD 2005 $10

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Argentine Earzumba, ex-Reynols/Nuegado de Serpientes /Bay Bar Boys, delivers on this bejewelled refuge of platinum psychedelia. Rotated on WFMU, WXYC (top 99), CRMK, WNYU, and KZSU.

“Looking into the trashcans of audio rejections (Earzumba), with effortless acumen, knits and seams engrossing parallel worlds of sonic mayhem and delicious instability of our auditive mechanics” – Massimo Ricci.

“Truly, you could easily mistake “simulando un refugio” for one those awe-inspiring debuts, which leave you wondering, where this artist had been hiding for so long.” – Tobias Fischer, Tokafi.

“Shimmering, minor-key theremin effects form the basis of the album and create a panoramic effect. Seems to contain the voices of aliens offering redemption.” – Josie Clowney, Dusted.

“Oh this is wonderful! Good stuff.” – MPH, KZSU.

“There isn’t a single moment of weakness here.” – Vital