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Tim Foljahn – Obvious Urban Landscapes CD/Book 2001 $8

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Foljahn, best known as Two Dollar Guitar, has played with Thurston Moore, Mosquito, Half Japanese, Townes Van Zandt, Boredoms, Catpower, Christina Rosenvinge and Alexa Wilding. He made several cassettes for Old Gold before this excellent foray into industrial music.

“A one-hour-long electronic journey through the man’s complex mind, packaged with a twenty-page booklet of dream journal diary entries. Lovely, and limited to 500 copies” – Midheaven/Revolver.

“Strange electronic visions… robotic synthesizer sounds, affected voices and such environmental sounds as a construction site. For reading along, as well as the lyrics to the first track the thick CD booklet contains 50 enumerated paragraphs summarizing dreams had by Foljahn” – Outsight.

“His music did remind me of Cranioclast from time to time… very interesting atmospheric soundscapes” – Vital Weekly