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Various Artists – OGX! Double LP with hand painted covers and inserts 2004 $20

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Our 10th anniversary celebration, a party from start to finish. Unreleased music from Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore, Charlie Parker, Petland Toy Faktory, Bad Poet, Charlie Parker, Cheryl Leonard, David Daniell, Eyeball Hurt & The Medicine, Tom Heasley, Morgan Guberman, 2 Geniuses, Zandosis, How to Kick Yourself, Earzumba (CD) and Audiodelica, L. Contra, Dog, Drue Langlois, Autobody, Untanned Hide of a Young Cow, Die Spatzen, The Buford Highway (Justin Hughes), Bon Vivants, More, Yximalloo, Eugene Chadbourne & Davey Williams, and Gold Sparkle Band.

“Right from its very start, Old Gold (hailing from Atlanta, Georgia) was a conscious effort to bring back a taste of imperfection and some rough edges to the fold, while displaying the full diversity of musical creativity. With this compilation, spread out over four sides of lovely vinyl, the label has invited over some of its favourite artists – and celebrated a tenth aniversary spectacular second to none… If radio can no longer provide this sense of excitment, this is an adrenalin-filled moment of what could come next… Nothing comes closer to John Peel’s eclectic approach than this.” Tobias Fischer, Tokafi. Bull Tongue (Byron Coley and Thurston Moore’s) Top 20 for 2006.