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Royal Art Lodge “Songs from 20th Century Homes” LP with screened cover and insert 2000 $15

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Back when Old Gold was all about cassette tapes, we got a curious package in the mail from Winnipeg. In it was a letter from Michael Dumontier extolling the virtues of our Howard Finster cassette release, some highly amusing collaborative drawings, and a “Tape for Old Gold” crafted with unique handmade slipcase/booklet, which became this record. Dumontier was a member of Royal Art Lodge, a Winnipeg-based Canada collective that functioned from 1994 to 2008, now best known for producing Marcel Dzama, who did Beck’s “Guero” cover and is represented by David Zwirner, as well as Neil Farber, Dumontier, Hollie Dzama and others. No non-cassette release I’ve found compiles this music which makes this album very special indeed, even without the all-star cover art and inserts. Just like the art this collective is known for, these are extremely intimate, funny, touching recordings, and a prize artifact that collectors of 90s cassette releases will truly appreciate. Only 200 made.