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Zandosis “Z vs. W” 180-gram 7-inch with screened cover 2006 $8

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Marshall Avett, Stewart Voegtlin and Tony Gordon present an artifact of genuine protest against the Bush administration improvised and recorded at the outbreak of the cold war.

“Z Vs W is pretty monstrous. Using electric bass and an assortment of woodwinds, horns, drums, and crude electronics, the trio do a beautiful job of going beyond the formality that seems to lie in the hearts of so many Americans. The song titles here (all 13 of them) are choice. A few include ‘Dick Cheney Bleeding to Death on the Streets of Detroit’, ‘Tony Blair Eaten Alive by French Poodles’, ‘William Kristol Raped in Prison’, and ‘George W. Bush Go Straight to Fucking Hell’. These are the kind of sentiments and the kind of sounds that any true lover of freedom is going to eat like candy, so sit up straight and check this one out.” – Byron Coley, The Wire. Top Ten 2006 Loud Rock releases, WXYC. Rotating on WREK.